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Integrated Financial Wellness Platform

Transform your finances today with access to your Salary on Demand® !

Since 2015 promoting the financial wellness of Mexican workers.

Revolving advance of a percentage of the period's income.

Advance Salary

Access to the daily salary earned.

Salary on Demand

Solution that supports companies to comply with the new Teleworking reform.

Flexible Work

How can you use your advance salary ?

"We reach people who at the end of the day need immediate liquidity"

Listen to our CEO Aroldo Dovalina tell you about Paynom's history.

Our Benefits

Empowering companies and employees in Mexico

with innovative financial solutions.

Complies with Nom 037

For the company

Reduce financial stress

Increase productivity

Reduces accidents and absenteeism

Strengthens commitment and loyalty

At no cost to the company

Everything you can do with Paynom !

Cellphone credits

Voluntary Savings

Continue with
your studies

Access to a
Credit card

Pay your

Make Money 

Secure Platform

Designed to Take Care of Financial Wellness

Easy Access and Use

Personalized Attention

For the Employee

24/7 financial support

Without compromising future income

Reduce financial stress

Avoid default charges on credits or loans.

Complies with the Nom 035

Paynom generates added value to these industries


Affiliate your company
It's very easy!


Signature of collaboration agreement


Invite your collaborators to enjoy their Salary on Demand


Manage the Salary on Demand of your employees

No cost for the company.

Quick and easy implementation.

Without extra work to HR department.

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Financial wellness helps everyone. If your organization wants to increase productivity, motivation and staff retention, we would love to meet you.


Thank you very much for being part of our success!

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Your financial support always close to you!

Available for iOS
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and how our platform works.

About Paynom

Financial Support

when you need it most

PAYNOM allows employees to access a portion of their salary before the payday.

To cover financial emergencies immediately without compromising their future income.

Card of

Paynom Credit

Use your payroll advance

through your card.



has your support


10 Years of

Financial Wellbeing

for all

Contributing to the well-being of

Mexican collaborators

and their families.

Pioneers in Daily Wage® and Financial Health® in Mexico

Modernizing the way in which employees address their essential challenges,

helping them grow financially in the future.

A simple, reliable and immediate solution that gives you freedom and control of your life!

Strengthens your productivity

and strengthen your

team, regardless


The most innovative solution on the market, exclusively designed to cover what the Labor Law dictates.